Thursday, January 1, 2015


currently, i am sitting on my couch catching the marathon of ridiculousness on mtv. i have had an inner debate of whether or not i should start blogging again. the battle was won and i decided i am going to give it another shot. so, cheers, to a new beginning.

instead of writing a novel to catch up from the past year that i've been faceless, i am going to start where i am at, and go forward...

i am living in phoenix, arizona after being transferred here for my current job at a leasing company. i left my job at the credit union late july, and haven't looked back. leaving a job i loved for the opportunities i have now, could--quite possibly--be one of the best decisions i've made. i live with my two roommates and best guys friends: brad and joe. we all live, carpool, work, and do everything together--it's cute. we celebrated ringing in the new year by going out to logan's roadhouse (much like texas roadhouse, for you utah folk), and watching hours of ridiculousness and watching the ball drop from our living room. when you live in a land where all retired adults come to live, it's a little hard to find people your own age and know exactly where one would go to celebrate new years.

as i reflect on 2014, even though it seemed to fly by, it was a milestone of a year--some good, some bad, but each has brought me to where i am now and ready to take on 2015.
here are just a few events that come to mind as i reflect on the last year:

  • attended edc (electric daisy carnival) in las vegas, nv.
  • purchased my own car
  • moved out of my parents, yet again, and into an apartment with two roommates. 
  • left my job at cyprus credit union and began at progressive leasing
  • made some incredible friends by starting my new job
  • accepted opportunity to relocate to phoenix and start up a sister location for my work. 
  • lost my grandmother.
  • met an incredible boy who made me the happiest i've been in a long time. 
  • moved to phoenix, arizona. 
  •  live in phoenix and try to find where i fit in in a place i've never been prior to moving. 
some of those events seem so minuscule and not terribly exciting, but even with some of the smallest things, i grew the most from. i'm sure as i continue blogging i will 'flashback' and touch some of the things that deeply affected me in 2014, but until then... here's to new beginnings and creating a new life.

*also, please be patient as i work on the beauty of this blog. 

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  1. I'm happy you're back on your blog! I've missed it!